Workplace and Transforming Vocation

Workplace and Transforming Vocation

Mark Greene, Executive Director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, opens up the book of Ruth to reveal a biblical examination of workplace imagination. He demonstrates that Boaz created the context for flourishing for Ruth. As a transforming leader he was:

·      Culturally astute

·      Situation-responsive

·      Personally proactive

·      Organisationally creative

·      Appropriately authoritative

·      Relationally wise

Mark encourages to pay more attention to our contexts; to ask the questions: who? What? Where? When? Why? How? And to ask God to prompt us in our response.

To see the presentation slides, click below.

This video was an address given to before an exploration of workplace-related themes at the inaugural Transforming Vocation Conference, held in Sydney Australia in July 2019.

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