God’s Call in the Marketplace

God’s Call in the Marketplace

Matthew Munro reflects on how he can serve God while working as a cleaner.  God’s call to missional labour grows organically from our participation in his divinity and reflects God’s love for people in the marketplace.


Over the past few years the evangelical world has witnessed a welcome growth in the understanding and appreciation of the importance of the workplace. Despite this, there is still a lack of church support for those whose ministry is conducted outside of the pastorate. This paper will consider God’s purpose in sending people into the workplace and the Church’s role in supporting them. Integrating Irenaeus’ doctrine of Recapitulation and the Lausanne Movement’s 2017 report on the Role of the Church in Wealth Creation, this paper will consider the role of wealth, God’s purpose in our work, and a whole-Church approach to the workplace. I will argue that God calls us to missional labour that grows organically from our participation in His divinity and that reflects His love for people in the marketplace. Vocation is not merely a tool for wealth generation but is an opportunity to present the Kingdom of God in the midst of everyday life within a secular context. While the Church has often failed to recognise the importance of this, it has a pivotal role in training, equipping, and dedicating those who have been called into the marketplace to serve the wider world around them. In an increasingly secular world, a recognition of God’s calling in the marketplace reshapes how we approach the very nature of our vocation and our understanding of the influence of His Kingdom.

Full Title : Workplace and Kingdom: God’s Call in the Marketplace


Matthew Munro is a Master of Arts (Theology) student at Malyon Theological College focusing on Ethics and Christian Living. A husband and father, he has worked in a variety of professions including hospitality, sales, and community services, as well as serving in both volunteer and paid positions in the local church. While pursuing a calling to the pastorate, Matthew currently serves as a school cleaner. In his professional and personal life, he seeks to combine theological reflection and practical application to compassionately serve those around him.

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