Practicing Authentic Leadership as Evangelical Christians

Practicing Authentic Leadership as Evangelical Christians

Peter White explores an emerging framework, authentic leadership, which provides the means for Christian leaders to express genuine and lived-out Christian faith, as well as sincere care for those with varied and diverse backgrounds.

Full title Exploring the Connections between Authentic Leadership and Evangelical Christian Leadership: Framing Practice to Achieve Authenticity in Leadership.


The aim of this chapter is to explore the construct of authentic leadership from an evangelical Christian perspective and illuminate the potential for an authentic leadership construct to inform faith-based educational leaders and teachers. This chapter critically reviews the literature on authentic leadership and determines the common components from each proponent. The chapter provides an overview of an evangelical Christian view of leadership and ethics to inform a view of authentic leadership. The aim is to progress a new framework for evangelical Christian leaders in faith-based educational leadership contexts where consideration needs to be given to: (1) personal identity and the transformational work of the Holy Spirit in leading us from the “old” and to a “new” identity in Christ; (2) belief as it impacts behaviour, particularly in ethics and morality; (3) how personal identity and an ethical framework shape the leadership of others and the wider community to serve the common good under Christ.


Peter has worked in education and ministry contexts for almost twenty-five years, having trained as both a Primary and Secondary Teacher. He holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Teaching, Masters in Educational Leadership, and a Diploma of Biblical Studies. He has worked on Church Ministry teams, taught in primary, secondary, and tertiary educational institutions, and held various leadership positions in that time. Peter is currently an education consultant at the Anglican Education Commission (Anglican EdComm) and is passionate about educational ministries. He is married to Karen and together they have four children.

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