Church and Transforming Vocation

Church and Transforming Vocation

Mark Greene, Executive Director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, shares research that revealed that: “The UK will never be converted until we create open, authentic, learning and praying communities that are focused on making whole-life disciples who take the opportunities to show and share the gospel wherever they relate to people in their daily lives.”

He talks about some of the ways church leaders can fulfil this task:

  • Permanently broaden the scope of your conversations
  • Consistently deepen your appreciation of people’s daily lives
  • Enrich your own Bible reading
  • Enable the transfer of a new imagination
  • Fuel your teaching

He goes on to give examples and more deeply outline concepts and resources that can enable churches to disciple Christians to transform their vocations.

To see the presentation slides, click below.

This video was an address given to before an exploration of church-related themes at the inaugural Transforming Vocation Conference, held in Sydney Australia in July 2019.

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