welcome to transforming vocation – where theology, church and workplace meet for a flourishing world

As evangelical Christians, we are convinced that every believer is called to serve Christ and his mission, and we are committed to seeing that call expressed in every aspect of life.

However, for too long too many Christians have sensed that their calling at work is second best; and that pastoral ministry and missionary service are the vocations that really matter.

We are convinced otherwise, and are committed to seeing our churches and colleges develop a better theology—and practice—of vocation, one that recognises and values the contribution that all Christians can make to Christ’s mission through all of their life and work.

The next conference will be held in July 2021 at Sydney.  More details to come.

transformed lives

  • “When I was invited to speak at the 2019 Transforming Vocation conference in Sydney, I was delighted, which increased as I looked at the breadth of papers, and realised that we would probably not have been able to hold a conference with such scope in the United Kingdom.”

    Mark GreeneLondon Institute for Contemporary Christianity, Keynote Speaker
  • Mark Greene

    “This is a really valuable space for exploration, particularly as the questions around why and how a sacred/secular divide is perpetuated (both in language, implicit thinking etc.) are explored and critically reflected upon. Simultaneously, the conference gives space for this divide to be transcended in a practical sense, as various professionals and practitioners simply 'do' it, and share their approach with others.”

    AttendeeTransforming Vocation 2019 Conference